Harmony J.A.C.K. Farms Inc. is  an organically certified, grass fed and finished owner-operated ranch. We have Grass fed cattle, goats and free-range organic pasture raised and organically fed whole chickens. No antibiotics or hormones are added and we do not feed our pigs or poultry any corn or soy products. Our very lean, pasture fed and never grained Organic beef is available year-round in half, or whole beef as well as in our packages for sale on this site. Whole or half animals are sold on a hanging weight, per pound basis. 

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Our mission here at Harmony Jack Farms is to operate sustainably from the ground up and from every perspective — Environmental, Human, Animal and Vegetation.  Like the farm itself, this is constantly evolving, but we measuring our success by the following.
Certified Organic 

Our commitment to organic certification is the foundation of sustainability. The methods and practices employed to achieve this certification build fertility and health in both land and animals.
Replenishing Young Farmers

It’s alarming to think that 59 the average age in agriculture. The lack of young talent jeopardizes the sustainability of our profession. Through farms like ours, we’re creating avenues for young farmers to return to the ancient and noble calling of providing sustenance from with their own local community.
Increasing Soil Complexity

Industrialization has taken its toll on our native soils. When left to its own devices, Nature will build its ecosystem to favor balance and efficiency. Letting this process take its course, without artificial intervention, leads to a more complete and enduring source of nutrients for our animals.
Humane Animal Husbandry
Every animal has its own essence. Respecting, nurturing, and encouraging that essence creates healthier animals — and in turn yields healthier meat. The strength they draw from being allowed to thrive also helps build stronger genetics and generational health.
Emissions Neutrality 

Our way of raising animals helps reduce the carbon footprint for everyone. Our lands sequester carbon naturally. By eschewing chemical inputs, we’re leaving fossil fuels untouched, and our grazing methods ensure the natural and healthy distribution of feces.
By purchasing from us, you are supporting your local farmers and more equitable food distribution.  Your food dollars help create a more environmentally sound and economically healthy local community.

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